Unleash Your Online Potential. It's More Than Just Having A Website.

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Why use us?
The Real Questions is, "Why Wouldn't You?!"

Coolfish Web Design specializes in uniquely creative websites, which are memorable and maintain a brand identity. Websites must have the combination of market driven creative web design, call to action functionality for a specific target market and include search engine optimization. We excel in identifying your challenges and missed opportunities and skillfully develop them into conceptual ideas incorporating them into trackable solutions.

Save The Expensive Of Hiring Someone Full Time.

By utilizing Coolfish Design & Marketing, you benefit by having your own concierge with over 30 years of knowledge dedicated to you and your business.

Meet Chet. The Big Cheese.
Your Web Guru, Designer & Marketer.

You Get To Work With The Owner.

Chet Pelletier, owner of Coolfish Web Design, brings over 30 years of experience in developing solutions for business both B2B and B2C. This includes targeted Web Development, Social Media, Email Campaigns, Internet Marketing along with Online Advertising. Chet excels in identifying issues and opportunities, developing conceptual ideas and incorporating them into visual, tangible and proven solutions.

In today’s competitive media market, innovating creative and functional solutions are paramount in securing and maintaining your market share. Chet Pelletier is at the helm of Coolfish Design and consistently delivers outstanding results with minimal guidance and exceptional creativity along with the ability to analyze and determine ROI every step of the way. From internet marketing seminars to search engine optimization and implementation, Chet always maintains a keen focus on ROI, and is able to create a new awareness for the client’s customers, increase sales and track the results. Specialties include: SEO Certified in Internet Marketing, Full range and knowledge in all Web Design Applications including WordPress & Elementor, Shopping Cart Solutions (Shopify.com), Adobe Creative Suite, Google PPC and Google Business, Google G4 Analytics, Social Media, Custom CRM & Project Management Integrations (Monday.com), Lead Generation, Direct & Targeted Email campaigns. Chet is a strongly self-motivated individual and holds himself to the highest standards. Chet strives to create strong relationships with clients that transcend time, products and companies. He is a person with intelligence, integrity, honor and a proven record of accomplishment


Coolfish Design & Marketing

Personalized Consulting.

By partaking in Chet’s personalized consulting service, your business will receive specialized expertise and tailored strategies that will drive growth, giving your business a competitive advantage over your competition.


Your online presence and digital foot print can be overwhelming for any business. This includes; Websites, Email Campaigns, Social Media, Google Analytics, Pro Active and Reactive Marketing just to name a few. By leveraging industry insights and advanced marketing techniques, Chet can identify target audiences, optimize marketing campaigns, and enhance brand positioning.


Chet’s objective perspective allows him to identify opportunities and possible weaknesses that internally might be overlook.


Additionally, private consulting provides flexibility and scalability, enabling businesses, like yours, to access high-level marketing skills without the long-term commitment of hiring full-time staff. This customized approach leads to more effective marketing efforts, higher ROI, and a stronger market presence.

Search Engine Optimization.
It's Time To Be Clear.

SEO Is Like Insurance.
You Have To Have It.

Coolfish Web Design understands how Search Engine Optimization works, and it is not just about Meta Tags. The days of using Meta Keywords, Meta Descriptions, Title Tags to drive a website on the first page in Search Engine ranking are over. Yes, there is a reality to how a website is indexed, how often and why it is ranked the way it is within any given Search Engine.

Coolfish Web Design and Development SEO team develops websites for a memorable visual experience and codes each web page with relative and rich content. This content is a key factor to drive website ranking.

Rich relative content is but one of the factors which determines search engine ranking. When a search engine indexes a website, each page in fact, it “reads” the page’s content for relative information. This content is vital in how it will rank each page. Each page of a website should have specific information unique to that page. Creating individual landing pages for each specific offering allows the user to find exactly what they may be searching for.

Back links and external links build credibility throughout the internet. Search Engines want to “see” other listings and sites that have information about your business. This credible resource is vital in value to your site.

Let’s not forget Social Media and value it can bring to your rankings. The more places your business is mentioned the more value it brings. Think of social media like your personal PR firm promoting your business on the internet. The credibility social media can create and the freshness of the content it produces equals great exposure.


Coolfish Design & Marketing

Marketing or Super Marketing. Quit Messing Around.

A finely tuned website is terrific. But so what. No business should wait for “when” someone searches for them. What business waits for customers? Go to where customers are as opposed to waiting for them to come to you.

The business playing field is extremely competitive and simply having a website does not guarantee business or exposure. Simply having a website up and running and waiting for visitors is not an option.

A company’s website must not be reactive. It has to be proactive. Understanding where and how to promote the business is the key to success. Because there are so many options in online marketing, Coolfish Web Design aligns your business with the right decisions to reach the right demographic and utilizes the best sources to expose the business.

Whether it is through Google Adword Campaigns, Remarketing Exposure, Display Ads, Behavioral Advertising, Social Media Ad Campaigns even utilizing Direct Mail, Coolfish Web Design does it all. Not only that, but we hold ourselves accountable.

Since we partner with our clients in creating successful campaigns there is complete transparency through monthly reporting. These reports enable us to adjust and rearrange dollars being spent for maximum ROI.


Coolfish Design & Marketing

Stop The Guesswork.
It's Time For Results!

Coolfish Web Design offers clients true online marketing guidance. We offer deep experience in identifying a business’ target markets in both B2C and B2B. Choosing the correct placement of online ads can affect the outcome of any marketing strategy. With advanced analytics and insights, businesses can now track results and decide where to increase or decrease their exposure.

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