Search Engine Optimization. It's Time To Be Clear.

Don't Be Fooled.
There Is A Reality When It Comes To SEO.

Coolfish Web Design understands how Search Engine Optimization works, and it is not just about Meta Tags. The days of using Meta Keywords, Meta Descriptions, Title Tags to drive a website on the first page in Search Engine ranking are over.

Yes, there is a reality to how a website is indexed, how often and why it is ranked the way it is within any given Search Engine.

SEO Is Like Insurance. You Have To Have It.

Optimization = Exposure

Best Practice: The goal of proper SEO is to attract organic (non-paid) traffic from search engines by ensuring that the website appears prominently for relevant search queries. Proper SEO involves various techniques and best practices such as: Keyword Research, On-Page Optimization, Technical SEO, Content Creation, Link Building, User Experience, and Monitoring and Analysis.

Coolfish Web Design and Development SEO team develops websites for a memorable visual experience and codes each web page with relative and rich content. This content is a key factor to drive website ranking.

Rich relative content is but one of the factors which determines search engine ranking. When a search engine indexes a website, each page in fact, it “reads” the page’s content for relative information. This content is vital in how it will rank each page. Each page of a website should have specific information unique to that page. Creating individual landing pages for each specific offering allows the user to find exactly what they may be searching for.

Back links and external links build credibility throughout the internet. Search Engines want to “see” other listings and sites that have information about your business. This credible resource is vital in value to your site. It can be challenging to get other businesses to put your on their website, however it can be a powerful addition to your online presence.

Let’s not forget Social Media and value it can bring to your rankings. The more places your business is mentioned the more value it brings. Think of social media like your personal PR firm promoting your business on the internet. The credibility social media can create and the freshness of the content it produces equals great exposure.

Let’s add Google Business Accounts to the equation. Keep in mind when people search, the first thing that comes up BEFORE your website is your Google Listing. This must be maintained and updated regularly.


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