Social Media Shouldn't Create Social Anxiety.

Sometimes It's Hard To Be Social, We Can Help.

Coolfish Web Design believes that social media is YOUR social connection, not just random content scrubbed off the internet, copied, then pasted into Facebook, X (Twitter) or even your Blog. The reality is social media is exactly that – social. Therefore for the best interaction with followers, clients and consumer businesses must embrace this technology with a clear understanding of how to leverage it.

It's True, Social Media Can Be Scary.

It's OK To Be Social.

Best Practice: Having a strong social media presence is essential for businesses looking to connect with customers, increase brand awareness, drive website traffic. In addition, the benefits are: Increased Brand Visibility, Drive Website Traffic, Advertising, Customer Insights, Competitive Advantage, Cost-Effective Marketing, and Monitoring and Analysis.

There was a time where copying someone else’s words was called plagiarism. Now, the act of “sharing” has trumped creating your own unique content almost everywhere. It can be powerful if used wisely, but don‏t fall into the trap of using it all the time. Your audience can tell, and you will feel it at your bottom line.

To be effective with social media, one must first determine which social media options are best based upon a deep understanding of customer demographics. Not all businesses need every social media source in the marketplace. Moreover, it is OK not to have certain social media accounts when they do not pertain to the business. Don’t fall into the trap of spending time and effort where you won’t gain results.

A debate rages that every business should have every social media option available. This is simply not true and really not smart.

Once we determine the best social media options, a plan and goal for each must be established. What is it that will be posted, how should it be posted, what images should be utilized how, when should it be posted and how do we encourage reaction, comment, and sharing?

Coolfish Web Design will guide you through these steps, building a set of goals and assist in making social media a viable medium to be proactive in your business in getting your messages out across the internet


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