Smart People Ask Questions, Stupid People Don't.

Feel Overwhemed?
We Offer Consulting Services.

Coolfish Web Design offers group or one on one consulting services. We understand it can be overwhelming to try to understand it all.

“Is Search Engine Optimization important and how does it work?” “How often do we need to send emails?”, “Are people coming to our website?” “How often and where do they come from? “How long do they stay and what are they doing?” “Should we advertise in Google? “How do Google Ads work?” “How does advertising in Facebook work and is it beneficial?”

We Want Our Clients To Be Smart.

It's All About Your First Impression.

Brand Perception: In businesses, first impressions shape how consumers perceive the brand. A positive initial experience with a product or service can lead to brand loyalty and repeat business.

Immediate Impact: First impressions are formed rapidly, often within seconds. This initial perception sets the tone for future interactions.

It’s not just about your website anymore. It is your complete online presence that can drive traffic to your business, create loyal new customers and deepen the relationship with the clients you currently have.

More than ever, your website is the first and sometimes only impression your company has. But it is not simply your website, it is social media, blogs, reviews, posts, testimonials etc..

In addition to the visible development of a website are the aspects that can make the difference between success and failure. Is a site truly great if no one ever finds it? A critical aspect of development incorporates the marketing of the website. How and where should your website be promoted. How will your target market find you and is it possible to make them actually find you? Why not go where your cutomers already are?

Coolfish Web Design can track web results through any advertising source. We understand the variables at play, and we know how to optimize your return on investment. We offer the deepest knowledge and understanding of web design, online marketing and search engine optimization. This is the recipe for your successful web presence.


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