Your Online Presence Can Be Overwhelming.

Too Much To Figure Out?

Coolfish Web Design understands that all of this can be overwhelming. Especially if you are also solicited by spammers or individuals “promising” to help or telling you that what you are doing is all wrong. 9.5 times out of 10 they are scaring you into working with them.

Well, spammers and scare tactics don’t work on us and they should not work on you either.

With So Many Options, Where Do You Begin.

Don't Freak Out, We Can Help.

Scammers, Spam, Solicitors, & Bots Have you noticed that you get tons of random emails telling you that your website is not working properly, or you don’t come up in Google, only to promise you that they will “get you on the first page”. These lies are told by solicitors due to various motivations, such as; the desire to get you to sign up with them, the pressure to meet sales targets, or simply as a way to scare you.

Be wary of anyone claiming to be an expert. These days anyone who can copy and paste information will claim they are an expert.

We come across many individuals who convince clients that they are doing things wrong. Random emails in your inbox stating “You are not number 1 in Google” or “No one can find you in the internet” or “We can get you more likes in Facebook”…

Coolfish Web Design is completely transparent. We actually show our clients what tools best fit their needs. How Search Engine Optimization can work. Why building effective Email Campaigns can strengthen your current client relationships and gain new ones.

Our proven, yes proven, track record shows what we do for our clients. We walk to walk and talk the talk.

There is a complete understanding between us and our clients. So if you need help, we will come running. Well maybe not running, but we are a simple phone call away.


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